Episode #1 Launch!
Marianne and Avery talk about finding
inspiration in surprising places. They share how they’ve come to beat procrastination and how the very act of getting started can supply the energy you need to cross the finish line. It’s never too late to turn the page! Someday is today.
Episode #3  Dive In
Marianne Sprangers and Avery Caswell, along with guest, poet Talia V. Scott, talk about the need to conquer your fear of the unknown and dive in. Find out whether you’re a “pantser” or an outliner, and why it’s important to turn off your “inner editor” and view the blank page as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.
Episode #5 Distracted
You’re not alone! Sometimes, it is hard to keep your eye on the prize. Marianne and Avery share pointers on staying focused so you can continue moving forward.
Episode #2 We’ve got Spirit! Find
Your Cheerleaders

Marianne and Avery explore how to get
started when you’re ready to turn the page and begin a new project. They discuss
different types of motivation and share what has worked for them (negative consequences) and what hasn’t (the promise of new shoes). Learn why asking “why?” is instrumental in achieving your goals, and discover how to stay motivated, even during tough times.
Episode #4  Talking With Dan Pliszka
On this episode, author Dan Pliska talks about the importance (and the joy) of taking risks and explains why mistakes are an integral part of the process. He shares how implementing discipline and establishing a writing routine allowed him to complete his book, LIFE IS GREAT, and subsequently, help others build the life of their dreams. 
For more about Dan and his book LIFE IS GREAT (Even If Your Boat Flips Over) go to: http://www. dpgreatlife.com  
Episode #6 Say Yes to Adventure
Avery and Marianne bust the myth of the lonely writer and talk about their writing adventures, including the time they took a concealed carry permit class together. They talk about making writing an adventure by having adventures and attest to the fact that truth is stranger than fiction.