One chapter is not your entire story;
you can always Turn The Page

Ready to make a fresh start?
Welcome to Turn The Page, a podcast hosted by writers
Avery Caswell and Marianne Sprangers who share the
ups and downs of their creative journeys and offer useful
tips on writing and other creative pursuits to help you write
your next chapter.

Avery Caswell started scribbling at a very young age, filling stenographer notebooks with observations (like Harriet, the Spy) and drawing scenes from Camelot (Franco Nero!). An interest in the blurred edges between magic and religion, along with a love of history, inspire much of her writing. Caswell attended Kent State and Purdue Universities, the University of Baltimore, and Iowa Writers’ Workshop. She holds MFAs in theatre and creative writing.

With a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts, a Master’s degree in behavioral
science, and too many years wishing she could make her living doing something else, Marianne Sprangers decided it was high time to write her first book. For news about CHEESECAKE LOVES MY THIGHS (and 29 Other Reasons Why Cheesecake Is Better Than Men) along with other fun topics, go to: